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Kappa Omega's Big Little reveal- 2019

Updated: Aug 13

Big/Little reveal; A phrase that absolutely terrified me. I had always been so excited about the thought of having my “big sister”, having someone to always go to for advice or just for a dinner date. A sister to make the best memories with. When it actually came time to figure out who she was though, I was filled with different emotions. See, the two girls I had really connected with prior to ranking, had both informed me they were not taking littles. I had no idea what to do. When it came time to rank, I went in blind because I hadn’t really connected with any of the other girls. Sitting in a room full of future littles who were so excited about who they were ranking, I just sat there quiet and keeping to myself because I didn’t know what to do. Like I said, I hadn’t really connected with anyone besides those two girls who were no longer taking littles.

I began to rank random people. Ranking this person because she had the same major as me, ranking this other girl because she was friends with some of my friends, and so on. Leaving that chapter, I was so nervous about who I would get as my big, but I was trying to keep an open mind. That next week, I started to receive my hints. My big created a secret Instagram account to send me clues and ask me questions, while also gifting me with the most amazing gifts. After a couple of days of talking via the secret Insta account, I knew I was gonna love her. We were interested in almost all of the same things and I could just tell her personality was so great!

Fast forward a week, and it was time for reveal. I remember sitting downstairs and hearing them call my name. I was ready to finally meet my big, but I was SO NERVOUS! I had no idea who I was gonna see when I turned around. As I walked up the stairs and through the hallway with my eyes closed, I began to, once again, be filled with so many different emotions. When I had finally got in place and opened the box, I still had absolutely no idea who my big was. She had written, “You know who, xoxo”.

When I finally turned around, I had never been so happy. I turned around to see Cali standing there, Cali being one that had told me she could no longer take a little. I gained the most amazing big sister, friend, and role model that day. My big is someone I aspire to be like every single day. She has the biggest heart with such passion for all that she does. I am so thankful for the way everything turned out for me. Big/little is now a phrase that will always bring me excitement. I am already looking forward to big/little next year!

Tori Bolton


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