• Kappa Omega

my 2020 virtual recruitment

When I found out the recruitment was going to be 100% virtual, I was nervous to say the least. Now I had to make an impression on people in 20 minutes on a computer screen rather than face to face. However as soon as I got into the Alpha Chi meeting I was put at ease. All of the girls I met with seemed totally prepared, and made sure I was comfortable while we got to know each other! Every conversation I had was totally different and I got to see how Alpha Chi Omega changed all of the women in different ways, and got glimpses as to what it could do for me. I knew as soon as I left Alpha Chi on the first day that they are where I needed to be. Even though it was not traditional, I would not trade my recruitment experience, because it led me home to girls I really connected with and I wanted to be my sisters!


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