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Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to travel with one of our own Kappa Omega sisters as well as 30 other Alpha Chi Omega’s from all over the United States. During the time, I spent with all of these Real. Strong. Women. I got to know one of my best friends. Victoria Thalassinos goes to the University of Tampa in Florida. Last summer, we would jokingly say, “I’m going to come visit you!”. Finally, in June I made this comment a reality and booked my flight to Florida! I got my very own tour of the University of Tampa and the Gamma Pi chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. U of T is very similar to IUPUI. Sororities do not have houses. The university is near a Riverwalk which I compared to Indianapolis’s canal.

One thing that U of T has is a Greek rock garden. Each organization has a rock that they paint. Letters, chapter name, and any special words or symbols are on this rock to represent some truer meaning of their organization. I thought the rock garden was really cool and this made me think of how IUPUI has flags of each organization hung for display in the campus center!

Throughout my visit I fell more in love with Alpha Chi Omega and the sister friends I continue to make each year. Going to Leadership Academy this year, Kappa Omega sat next to the Gamma Pi chapter’s sisters and we all immediately clicked. I don’t think I had ever felt so close to sisters outside of our own chapter.

As spring break is quickly approaching, I am again going to go visit Vic! A true sister friend from 988 miles away.

XO, Analis R.


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